Himself in Plush Mode. RAWR!

Sonic the Hedgehog in the strong, totally destructive, and giant Werehog form. He smashes robots and any bads around the level.

The first appearance of the Werehog in the game, is Sonic Unleashed. First appearance of the Werehog in the AOST show is on the episode: Werehog's Awakening.

He is also on a comedy movie, named "Night of a Werehog", it's a comedy, because there included cartoony stuff and the cartoony comedy sounds. Some characters in NOAW (Night of a Werehog) cannot talk, unknown reason why.

He look similiar to the Werewolf, because claws, spikes, and the Wolf howl.

Friends can be nothing, expect for Chip and Tails. Enemies are Dr. Eggman and his own robots, in this show, there will be also his enemies, the green Pigs.


  • He is not in Sonic Generations, unknown reason why.
  • Many people don't like this form.
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