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Now how come someone has a possibility to change the show logo when the main page is locked? 10:40, July 9, 2013 (UTC)


Don't expect anything good here anymore, because I lost access to every part of this crappy place (I can't cuss because I'm afraid someone will put me down like in some other Wikis), but I won't bother making a third account just to improve something that was abandoned long ago. My Facebook account is permanently deleted, too, most likely because it's fake and they only want real people with real names and real faces. And I have become more mature during this cliffhanging, which means I wouldn't promise to host the said show, Adventure of Sonic Toys, including its shorts and episodes which I NEVER started, despite that I still have the plushies and I have a good setup with my camera on a tripod. I was only a kid/teenager when everything happened, alright? And now it's 2017, I'm dangerously close to the adult age (but nowhere close to December) and my fates will eventually get worse. Also, I'm  no longer identified as Knux95 (or at least I won't be, I can't change my username on YouChoob and DeviantAutism) to this day, so if you need me, call me "ZaniteKnuckles", "ZeeKay" or "Domitori". I'm always active on YouTube and Steam. My new content is gaming, animations, memes and squeaker trolling. New videos every week!

The reason I keep getting blocked from Wikia? 

Well, the first account "Knux95" was banned due to my breakdown in Happy Wheels Wiki (was deleted, ofc) after someone jokingly told me that if I get the second best badge in the Wiki, something bad would happen. Those were also the times when I was a plucked-in-the-head squeaker in 2012(?). It wasn't even the only time I raged this hard. I was only given a year-long ban, but then I got globally blocked forever for no bloody reason. The worst part? That post included a clucking childish video of a cyan pegasus with rainbow "mane" and tail loudly yelling "MY LIFE IS RUINED!" from a show that every 30-year-old basement dweller loves. That's right, I was temporarily infected by the autistic Hasbro cartoon and no one was there to help me until 2013-2014. My infection even resulted in an extremely long drama with Facepunch's members, especially in those places like "General Disruption" and "DeviantArt Appreciation Station" and it was all against me. But it went down pretty quickly and they completely forgot about me. The title in FP, however, was left unchanged, then they deliberately removed the Store page and added the policy where you can get the Gold Membership by having 1000 posts, which is difficult considering my inactivity. "Fast Threads", anyone?

The story about the fall of my second account, 2013GTAStationSquare, is more sadder than that. Sometimes I was a bad boy and kept logging out of my account to pretend like I'm a generic Wikia vandalizer, even in my own Wiki. One female admin didn't like it and blocked me for about 4 days. Not only because I used multiple Russian IPs to this bad stuff, they even thought I was being homophobic. Where?! I don't know. Sadly, they didn't let me wait for the 4-day ban to lift, so I got globally blocked TWICE. By the actual founder of Wikia whose name is Brandon Rhea (more like Brandon Diarrhea, amirite?). I could never do anything about it and it was implied that a global block will never be lifted or revoked and it literally kills your account. For some reason, I was also using the same Rambler e-mail to make my second account. It works.

Well, this is it. I have nothing else to say. And now...

All of us gotta say goodbye to this cancerous Wiki. Rest in peace, my old past. []

This was an annoucement from ZaniteKnucklesTV Entertainment . Stay tuned, take care! 12:35, May 27, 2017 (UTC)