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Tails (also known as Miles "Tails" Prower, Tails the Fox) is the second main character of the series, he's an orange 2-tailed Fox, with diamond blue eyes. His first appearance is on Sonic 2. And his age is 10. He is a sidekick of Sonic, the main character of the series. He a mechanic, and loves making machines and eating chili-dogs (so does the Sonic character eat them).

Tails helps Sonic to defeat Dr. Eggman.

He can fly in a limited time (but the almost strange happening, if he's on Chao World in SA2, he can fly in the unlimited time).


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - his older friend. Tails helps him to stop Robotnik from making the disasters.
  • Knuckles the Echidna - An Red echidna, and the proffesional Street Fighter.
  • Amy Rose - the pink hedgehog with a piko hammer
  • Cosmo - his girlfriend in Sonic X, but now she died.
  • Red Bird - an cardinal with no powers or abilities, he's an Angry Bird, and he's the one of these birds that destroy Pigs and save the Eggs before the King Pig and others ate them. He has his older brother, the Big Brother Bird.
  • Blue Bird - the blue, small, weak and cute bird with an ability to make 2 copies of him, it will cause more damage to Glass, but not the Wood or Stone. Blue Bird has a cute but 8% annoying voice.


  • Shadow the Hedgehog - an black hedgehog with red stripes, known as the "Ultimate Life-Form", he's the Sonic's rival.
  • Dr. Eggman - the evil genius that makes robots and disasters of the Mobius and Earth, and both Sonic and Tails need to stop him.
  • Rouge the bat - the Emerald thief, she also steals Knuckles' Master Emerald.
  • King Pig - a leader of the Pig team, trying to steal Angry Birds' eggs and cook them for the food. He's the giant green pig with a Gold diamond-pointed spiky Crown. He got his own young copy, the Prince. The Prince is maybe not the copy of him.
  • Metal Sonic - the Sonic's robot copy created by Dr. Eggman.
  • Tails Doll - the Tails' doll copy created by Dr. Eggman, the Tails Doll is an fake Tails robot with the antenna. Some people may think if they play as Tails Doll in Sonic R, and catch the Super Sonic, the Tails Doll will came out of the Television and kill a victim(s) who played the game. It's the curse of a doll.


  • Super - The flashing Super Tails with the golden flickies fly around him.
  • Turbo - Tails with a cape, and the super speed.
  • Dark


  • His first appearance is on Sonic 2, but he's still a child when he's in Modern games. The less people think that Tails is 19 because the first appearance is on the second game ever, but it's no truth.
  • He's building the Airplanes that are named "Tornado", but at all times he keeps destroying them.
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