Sonic's Fight was the short which was released along with three parts of Robo-Boxer's Revenge episode. Sonic and Balto (accidentally called Fox) were fighting each other in the computer chair for about a minute and it ended with Sonic's victory. The background music is Zebrahead's cover of "His World" from Sonic The Hedgehog '06, a mortally glitched game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

As usual, the video was negatively criticized by UltimateX1337, ThePelemeni09, Swaitis and other users, causing them to be blocked and all of the episodes, along with the other low quality videos, to be deleted in case of safety or because of author's initial improvement. The said comments can still be found in the author's Rambler Inbox (many of them look like this). No known method of video recovery is available and the video files were also deleted from Knux95's harddrive.

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