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Shadow The Hedgehog is an black hedgehog with red stripes and the Chaos powers, he's known as the world's "Ultimate Life-Form". He likes nothing (it says that in the bio of Shadow in SaSASR). Shadow is an rival of Sonic the Hedgehog, they both start a rival race, and fight. He is created by the Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik. Shadow have been angry because the G.U.N Soldiers shot Maria Robotnik by the accident, he must get revenge, but can't.

His first appearance is in Sonic Adventure 2. His age is unknown and it's because he's "created" by the proffesor.

Shadow stole the chaos emeralds and teleports away so people may not see him stealing a chaos emerald. The police or G.U.N Soldiers, have arrested Sonic because they through he did that, but Sonic says it's not him. People are in fact confused who's that hedgehog that stole Chaos Emeralds.

In his own game called "Shadow the Hedgehog", in three months has passed after the Sonic Heroes events, he was suffering from amnesia as his memory and the dark past shrouded in mystery and so he must find all of the Chaos Emeralds to uncover his true past (with the player's choice of an ending).


  • Maria Robotnik - a friend of Shadow who died by the G.U.N soldiers.
  • Black Bird - the black bomb bird with an ability to explode in air or after he hit the object.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Shadow's rival. Sonic is known as the Blue Wind and the Fastest Thing Alive. But Sonic is not his enemy somehow, they both save a world from enemies the robots and Pigs (Pigs are characters in Angry Birds)
  • Tails the Fox - orange fox with 2 tails. He's a mechanic, he loves building and making machines.
  • King Pig - leader of the pig team. He's trying to steal the Bird eggs and then cook them and eat them. He has got his son, the prince.
  • Silver the Hedgehog - A silver hedgehog with physical powers, he owns Telekenis and Phychic control powers.


Shadow the hedgehog "I am all of me" music request

Theme song


  • Super
  • Hyper
  • Dark
  • Red flashing Shadow (when he's ready to destroy everything around him with the Chaos Blast)
  • Blue flashing Shadow (when he's ready to dash through hardest parts of a level with Chaos Control)
  • Super Shadow 2
  • Super Shadow 3
  • Super Shadow 4



  • Young Shadow is a fake, maybe a fanon, because truely Shadow have never been born or haven't been young.
  • Classic Shadow didn't appear in Sonic Generations.
  • Some people are an fan of Shadow, they maybe make an art of Shadow being an Gangster, or is meeting Classic Shadow.
  • Shadow is a friend of the Black Bird in the show.
  • Super Shadow 2, Super Shadow 3 and Super Shadow 4 are the references to Goku and other's Super Sayian forms from Dragon Ball Z.

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