Russian Pig is the Green Pig who lives in Russia. He speaks English a little bad (e.g. He tries to say Helmet like others do but instead he says Хельмет (Heilmet).), due to the country he lives in. He drinks vodka and kvass (водка и квас) everyday. He is a soldier of the Royal Piglette Army of Russian Federation (Королевская Свиная Армия Российской Федерации) along with his brother Nikita and all other pigs, patrolling in the army's base.

He appears to be a Green Pig (like others) with a band with 3 colors of a Russian Flag (white, blue, and finally red) on his head.


  • Helmet Pig - a soldier pig which is a tank driver.
  • Nikita the Pig - Russian Pig's brother, that lives in Russia, too. He wears the white ushanka with 3 golden stars, and almostly speaks the same way as his brother does.
  • Mustache Pig - a elderly-aged friend (possibly) and a grandpa to the Prince Pig.
  • King Pig - a leader of the pig team.


  • Red Bird - a basic bird which is a leader of the Flock (possibly Terence is the leader).
  • Terence the Big Brother Bird - a brother to the Red Bird.
  • Yellow Bird - a yellow triange canary bird that speeds up and crushes the wood strongly. His name is Speedy, but Rovio Mobile Ltd (a company that created Angry Birds) called him Chuck.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - a fastest thing alive, a blue hedgehog, and a main character in the show.


  • Russian Pig is the third OC (own character) of Knux95 (maker of the show).
  • He speaks English bad.
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