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Note before reading the following: the episode may be retarded (as commented) and immature, and contain horrible english speaking spoken by the actors. As means it's deleted for now. Discovering should be at your own risk. Sorry if the grammar is too poor.[]

Robo-Boxer's Revenge is the show's deleted episode coming in 3 parts. The scenes of this were recorded in the author's Logitech webcam on a background of his room, somehow having boxes with furniture parts that are later after assembled. Whilist recording, the actor and creator's body is sometimes spotted and even his face, indentifying his real self. The program used for video editing is Windows Movie Maker by Microsoft, which is a poorest video editor of all time as a matter of fact.

Characters in an episode is:

  • Sonic (protagonist)
  • Pikachu
  • Shadow
  • Balto (called Fox for some reason (in the story below))
  • Red Power Ranger
  • Robo-Boxer (antagonist)

This episode was been deleted, due to it having the horrible English speaking (gibberish voice acting, rarely having English words spoken) and writing, haters or "trolls" being hardly criticizing it, and it's outdated. And so, recommendation to create episode is "Speak proper english", YouTubers have created that rule for the editing an video, while it doesn't matter for YouTube administrators.


The Main protagonist of the show and this episode Sonic the Hedgehog is starting his walkabout, singing along with "Race to win" background song, suddenly being tipped over by a rock and falling off the stage, as a made-up record scratch sound effect plays, stopping the music. Getting back on, Sonic then meets Balto (called Fox due to watching the mariomaniac123's videos, but the Fox McCloud supposed to be orange and have a long tail.), and they meet Pikachu, fighting him. But then a antagonist Robo-Boxer wants revenge and goes on fighting them all. He hides somewhere around the City. In Part 2 they fight the 3 opponents. Later, Sonic and Balto found a giant steel boat and they've needed to hide in it.

Unfortunately, it's currently unknown by anyone (even the creator) how does the story continues, we'll see if some archive of these episodes will be found in internet to improve the page, or on the "Recovering deleted YouTube videos" tutorials found anywhere.[]