Pika-Pika! Himself in Plush mode.

Pikachu is the mouse Pokémon with "Electric" type, trained by Ash Ketchum. He can use Thunder powers. He likes Ketchup

He appeared in most episodes of the Anime, Pokémon.

Pikachu's appearance in the AOST episode is "Robo-Boxers Revenge", the episode with 3 parts, now it's been deleted from YouTube and people can't watch it in other website, but they have seen these thumbnails of how does it look like.

His phrases are "Pika", and sometimes he uses the "Chu" word, and says his full name "Pikachu" when he uses thunder attacks.

His first evolution is Pichu, the third is Raichu. He got his own copy "Raichu" and they fight in a Pokemon episode. And there's 3 Pichus trying to get an apple but Pikachu doesn't allow them to do that.


  • Ash - his Pokemon trainer.
  • Buizel - an Sea Weasel Pokemon with "Water" type. Buizel, when he's shiny, he's yellow colored, and has the white ring on the neck.
  • Pachirisu - an EleSquirrel Pokemon with "Electric" type, he/she is very fast. when it's shiny, it will have pink strippes, and a little bit pink cheeks.
  • Blue Bird - an blue bird with an ability to multiply, and take more damage to glass. His voice is cute and a little annoying.
  • Snivy - an Grass Snake Pokemon with "Grass" type. He's 87.5% male seen on the Gender Ratio. When he's shiny, he's blue.


  • Raichu - his third evolution, and more powerful. Pikachu and Raichu start fighting.
    250px-Ash Pikachu

    Pikachu in anime


  • He looks cute and a little sad in some pictures of him.
  • He likes Ketchup but sometimes he's not happy if it's broken.
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