Dimitry "ZaniteKnuckles" Terentiev
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Unknown (Hidden)


Moscow, Russia


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Blood Type

Doesn't know one yet


Sonic, TDMCars, Pokémon, Steam, Racing, Drifting, Tuning, Gaming with friends, Collecting, Drawing, sometimes likes to lay on the cozy couch


Russian, English


Brousin (can't decide if a brother, cousin or nephew) - FoxPlay

Best friends - FoxPlay, CampMassive, Crookz

Additional Information

Creator of Adventures of Sonic Toys, Co-Founder of "The Brotherhood" and member of "KiLlz Clan" groups on Steam

YouTube Channel

Knux95 (Дмитрий Терентьев on Google+)

Knux95 (AKA ZaniteKnuckles, Domitori, RockDestroyer95, 2013GTAStationSquare; real name - Dimitry Terentiev) is the creator and the director of the AOST show, artist, drifter, gamer, hobbiyst and collector. He is the racing gamer and the Sonic fan, his favorite characters are Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, Luigi from Super Mario, Kilik from SoulCalibur and Raphael from TMNT, he also has the favorite Pokemons which are Lucario, Squirtle and Jigglypuff. He owns a collection of Sonic (with an exception of Rouge, Amy, Dr. Eggman and Silver) and Angry Birds plushies (still looking for the White Bird). His favorite food is chips, Ice Tea, Cola, bacon, KFC, chocolate, fruits, fish fillet and caviar, sandwiches and mojito.

He has created the "Robo-Boxer's Revenge" episodes and a "Sonic's Battle"/"Sonic VS Fox" short in 2009-2010 on YouTube (though the title for the first episode was supposed to be "It begins now" or "Attack of the Robo-Boxer", and if possible, the replacement of these episodes can be made with these titles). Unfortunately, the show has received negative comments and ratings by the other users, and since that, the episodes were deleted from the website. The creator still plans on releasing a remake of the show, but for long 5 years it never happened, due to him being unable to do it on his own, nor he has any idea for the entire storyline of the first episode. His face is currently hidden from the internet and will only show himself to friends in private purposes (in Skype and WhatsApp). In the near future, if he desides to upload a video showing himself, his identity will be hidden in a mask and "cool clothes" (as spoken in his "DeviantArtist Questionnaire" journal from DeviantArt on the website's 15th anniversary).

Knux95 has his brousin FoxPlay (formerly known as Kinjenzu and KoshichForever) who lived in the same house, but then moved. He is his helper on making YT videos and they intend ideas of videos and characters together, in quest for becoming the famous YouTuber. They also make gaming videos where they play together in several games like Left 4 Dead 2. Sadly, his brousin's YouTube channel was taken down and never heard from again.











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