King Pig, on the Google Chrome version.

King Pig is the leader of the Pigs, he is trying to steal the eggs and cook them while Birds doing something, and Birds turned around, eggs are gone, King Pig took it, and pigs follow him. Birds getting a slingshot and try to destroy the Pig's fortresses and castles

King Pig, is a green pig, wearing a gold blue-pointed crown. He only appears on the Final Level of the each episode in Angry Birds games, and maybe on the Golden Eggs.
Angry birds king pig

Himself in Plush mode

He can't stop stealing eggs if he will not finally eat them, he didn't eat eggs for many years. Angry Birds doesn't let the eggs being stolen or eaten by the King Pig, because Birds are guarding it in their nest.

The plush is created by Commonwealth, the dollmaking company whose making alot of new Angry Birds Toys at any kind (5 inch, 6 inch, 3 inch Backpack clips, plushies with sound, 8 inch and the first ever huge plush was the 18 inch Mighty Eagle).

Known facts/TriviaEdit

  • King Pig is strong and giant, Blue birds can't defeat him.
  • In the new version of Angry Birds, design of King Pig and others are changed in the Cutscenes.
    KingPigChrome Almostdead

    Almost defeated King Pig.

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